We are passionate about aviation

Experience Effortless and Seamless

We are passionate about aviation

Unparalleled Reliability in Ground Support Services

We are passionate about aviation

Round-the-Clock Expertise at Your Service


We are a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about aviation


You can count on Leaf Aviation to be there for you when you need us at anytime.


We believe in providing our customers with the best possible value for their money.

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We are a company specializing in flight support services.

Pioneering Excellence in the Skies

Welcome to Leaf Aviation, where the sky is not the limit, but our starting point. As innovators in the aviation industry, we specialize in providing top-tier flight support services. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of essential services, from flight planning and ground handling to fuel management and concierge services.

At Leaf Aviation, we’re committed to ensuring that every flight is seamless, safe, and supremely comfortable.

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Leaf Aviation, we secure flight permits, ensuring legal, compliant air travel for seamless global journeys

Ground Handling

Leaf Aviation specializes in ground handling, offering efficient, comprehensive airport services


Leaf Aviation excels in flight supervision, ensuring safe, compliant, and efficient in-air operations.

Get in touch with Leaf Aviation for comprehensive flight support services

We offer comprehensive flight support in Sri Lanka

Why Choose Leaf Aviation

Choose Leaf Aviation for an unmatched flying experience where safety, luxury, and efficiency converge.
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Send Your Handling Request

Please email your handling request with all necessary details for efficient processing. Include any specific requirements.

Accepting Your Handling Request.

We will promptly acknowledge receipt of your request via email and ensure that all services are organized in accordance with your specific needs.

Finalizing Your Request.

We will complete the processing of your request and subsequently dispatch the invoices along with the supporting documents.
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Stay seamlessly connected and receive swift answers and services as you travel. Connect with our convenient, on-demand services directly through WhatsApp, ensuring solutions are always right at your fingertips.

Leaf Aviation Your Premier Partner for Comprehensive Aviation Services & Solutions



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